Weekend list: 11 + 12 January

Not long until we head to Japan now (yay) but before then we’ve got a few visitors coming. This weekend it’s Tom’s Mum Julie and my brother Isaac. Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Pick up Isaac from the train on Saturday morning
  • Take my bike to Avanti Masterton – I broke a spoke this week and want to get that fixed and get a general service for it too
  • Do the grocery shopping
  • Take Isaac to Seekers Mart and the Carterton Family Store
  • Lunch at the The Clareville Bakery – this place is new and it is THE BUSINESS
  • Probably take Julie and Isaac to the Featherston cheese shop
  • Reading The Goldfinch


One Response to Weekend list: 11 + 12 January

  1. Ellen says:

    Sorry to hear of your spoken wheel. (am working on my poor puns to impress Paul) Dear Emma I am curious to meet Toms mum and see if she sees peoples myers brig auras from through windows.
    Sounds like fun and there might even be some of that sun stuff lurking about to pep up the appeal of feather stan.

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