A handy tip for Converse sneakers

I really love Converse sneakers but find that sometimes their soles are just too flat for me so after a while my feet start to hurt.

Recently someone at work told me that she gets an old pair of walking or running shoes (big white sneaker styles), takes out the fitted insole and puts it into her Converse.

Genius idea. I did just that this morning and can report that my shoes now have the comfort of big ugly sneakers with the good looks of Converse.


8 Responses to A handy tip for Converse sneakers

  1. Ellen says:

    That is very genius.

  2. katy says:

    Great! Speaking of amazing shoes, I bought a pair of Saltwater Sandals from Thrive in Martinborough and they are the most comfy shoes ever. I get teased for them at work but I don’t care because they are amazing and really durable. Thrive are only selling up to a size 41 (not sure if you can get larger in the US), I usually wear a larger size but their 41 fit me fine (they were firm fitting at first but relaxed without becoming floppy). Highly recommended!

  3. Dad says:

    I used to buy insoles for mine but when you have quite a few “sets” (6+) its annoying shifting the insole around or expensive owning that many. I have some surplus here if you know anyone wanting some. Were supposed to be 11’s (men) but they are not and very narrow too. Both low and bright greens

  4. i buy insoles from kumfs, so awesome

    • tomandemma says:

      It’s the greatest and simplest idea isn’t it so why has it taken me so long? I have a great pair of tartan converse that I rarely wear because the soles are worn and uncomfortable so they’re being resurrected soon. Hooray!

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