Mr blobby and the blobby fantastic

For the first four or so days of my recent summer holiday at home I thought, “oh I should do …” and then didn’t. By day five I gave myself permission to do nothing and set to it like a champ.

I don’t often do nothing but seem to have mastered the art quite nicely. So there’s no lovely summer pics here folks – just a token few activities recorded because the rest of the time I was napping, drinking pear cider or staring into space.


I decided at 3.30pm on Christmas Eve that this year we’d be the kind of family that has new pyjamas for Christmas. It was the most productive I was the whole holiday.


I ran a sale in my Emma Makes shop so then got to make lots of pretty parcels.

The sale in my shop is still running if you want to get some nice loot for less.


I started to break in my new boots for Japan. SO hot – snow boots with thermal socks during summer is just cruel.


I finally started The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – I’m still going but so far it’s quite good but not the ripper read The Secret History was.

Given how much rain we had I also watched a LOT of quite trashy and/or vapid movies – I will compile a list since all were bearable and it could be handy for your own future day of blobbing.


4 Responses to Mr blobby and the blobby fantastic

  1. Julie says:

    That sounds like my sort of holiday, nothing like a good blob.

  2. Deb Dornbusch says:

    Have you got a good simple ( I am not that talented) pattern to recommend for pj’s? I have been searching the shops as I like to try before I buy but I have given up with trying to find the right combo of comfortable and nice fabric ARGH

    • tomandemma says:

      I draw my own patterns so can’t recommend a commercial one but just find a pair of pants that you find comfy and take a pattern off those. PJs are usually loose with elasticised top so really forgiving in terms of sizing and pattern drawing.

  3. The Sewphist says:

    Giving yourself permission to not do stuff is great. I find I’m much more productive about doing “me” stuff when I’ve stopped feeling guilting about not doing “business” stuff.

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