In which I bake my first Christmas cake

The weekend just been I baked my first ever Christmas cake. I don’t know why that’s taken 36 years – maybe because we’re usually places where other people have cake, maybe because this year I’m super organised…

It kind of felt like a right of passage and seems to have gone well. I used Mum’s Christmas cake recipe (with extra brandy) and realised that the smell of brandy-soaked fruit it my nostalgic smell of Christmas.


Soaking Christmas fruit in brandy


Cutting almonds for the cake.


I had to mix the cake in the stock pot because it became too huge.


The cake about to go in the oven – I lined the tin in brown paper and made a wee hollow in the middle so it would cook and be even on top. Tom and I learnt that trick watching a bad UK cooking show on TV recently.

I’m planning on cutting the cake up into smaller cakes and icing it with brandy cream cheese icing – some for Tom’s work, some for my work, some to post to Mum and some for us.


5 Responses to In which I bake my first Christmas cake

  1. Jax says:

    Awesome Emma!

  2. Sandra says:

    Well done. I had to mix my Christmas cake in my wok as it was the only thing big enough.

  3. Jeannie ( Mum ) says:

    Did you remember Em about the brandy butter icing and licking the bowl afterwards ? X

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