Ho Ho Ho Sunday

Yesterday was dedicated to pretty much all things Christmas – and washing.


I made my first ever Christmas cake – this is the fruit soaking in brandy. I realised that the smell of this particular Christmas cake is the smell of Christmas for me. More on the cake tomorrow.


We went Christmas tree shopping and the Christmas tree farm we like (with the fancy trees) had SOLD OUT. It took me a while to get over that but we went to another farm and got this small but cherry tree.
The decoration theme this year is ‘colours of the sea.’


We’re essentially doing baubles and lights on the tree – I found lots of really nice, old looking glass baubles at Farmers.


This is our angel – she’s super plasticy and I love her. She has plastic wind-swept hair.


I wrapped all of our family’s and friends Christmas presents then put them all in courier bags. With 11 parcels going to different directions we’re really doing our bit to keep NZ Post afloat.


There’s two kinds of wrapping paper this year with a mix of washi tape and ribbons.


I remade the wreath too. The bay leaves had dried out in a truly depressing manner so this is just tinsel and red ribbon.


This little fellow is on the front door – I like a few decorations in unexpected places.


2 Responses to Ho Ho Ho Sunday

  1. katy says:

    Festive! We have heaps of rosemary in our garden so I made rosemary wreathes for us and a couple of friends, just using garden wire as a base and ribbon to hold it all together. So far the rosemary is holding up well and I like how the leaves are green and silver. For a Christmas tree I purchased and potted a grapefruit tree (which will go in the garden eventually) and made some decorations, it is “blossoming” on it so our living room smells amazing!

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