Weekend list: 14 + 15 December

It’s all about Christmas decorating this weekend. A little less tinsel, a little more fairy lights at our house.

  • Usual Saturday morning visit to the Post Office
  • Go to Pakistani high tea at Tom’s friend’s house
  • Make my very first Christmas cake (filled with booze and chocolate)
  • Remake the Christmas wreath, which is now dried out and sad
  • Visit the Christmas tree farm and get our tree
  • Decorate our house for Christmas
  • Tidy the front porch
  • Write some more Christmas cards

Image via Pinterest


One Response to Weekend list: 14 + 15 December

  1. Ellen says:

    I never ever would have thought to put chocolate in a christmas cake that is such a good idea. AND do you go to Monica and Paul at their christmas tree ‘farm’ ( i like your word) in Greytown ? They are very special people when i was a kid in Upper Hutt with a skeletal tinsel christmas tree and pipe cleaner decorations they moved from canada to around the corner and had us over for a festive meal and blew our minds with their hand made christmas house. It actually was better than christmas day being inside that house. It was in the grey period of not really believing in father christmas and it replaced the disbelief with magic again.

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