Tiny apples and pears

Without us noticing our apple and pear trees have grown lots of tiny fruit and we’re pretty excited about it. We planted the two apple trees in the middle of the front lawn so things had the potential to go spectacularly badly if they died but being the eternal optimists we are we didn’t consider that option.

The great thing about this blog is I can chart the tree’s journey. We planted them in May 2012 and I see – rather shockingly – it’s been almost a whole year that I’ve been “meaning to dig around the other apple tree.” Better do that after Christmas.

This time last year we had only one apple and then it died – so all this fruit is super exciting. Any gardening advice for this stage would be most welcome.






3 Responses to Tiny apples and pears

  1. Louana says:

    I’ve got no advice, our apple tree did well in the first couple of years, then the next three there has been no blossoms and of course no apples!

  2. Delia strong says:

    Hey Emma, after growing up on an apple orchard I can give you some advice:) make sure you thin the fruit to one piece per bunch while the trees are so young, and set a possum trap! Also don’t let them get too dry if you run out of rain. If you ever have problems let me know & I’ll get dad to help you!

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