Weekend list 7 + 8 December

This weekend is really about getting things sorted out – actually, that’s most of December for me. I’m on a tight schedule most days of working, getting stuff done then coming home and filling orders.

It’s all good, I just need to make a lot of lists. Here’s this weekends one:

  • Christmas present sort out – I bought most of the Christmas presents months ago when Craft Country closed but just need to sort those out and make sure I’ve got everyone covered before it’s too late
  • Wrap and post Dad’s birthday present
  • Wash the sheets on the spare room bed and remake it – I always like the spare room to be ready and waiting for people
  • Sew some last-minute bags for tomorrow’s craft fair
  • Tomorrow from 2-6pm I’ll be at a really nice craft fair in a garden in Greytown. Here’s the details so come along
  • Emma Makes orders/traditional Saturday visit to the Post Office
  • Tidy my bedroom, which is super messy
  • Write a few more Christmas cards
  • Buy ingredients to make my first ever Christmas cake

Last night (when it was stinking hot) I made the long-suffering Tom dress up as Santa so I could take photos of my Christmas pencils.


One Response to Weekend list 7 + 8 December

  1. What a nice husband you have 🙂 I spent about three hours last night trying to get all of the cards + presents + everything done for Xmas. And we keep it so low key, anyway.

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