Making our new illustration wall

While Tom was away one of the things I most wanted to do was create our illustration wall. I’ve been saving up prints (reproductions) for a while – some were from birthdays, some were bought at craft fairs – and I wanted to hang them all together in white frames.

I bought the frames online at Factory Frames and got great service – the frames are tight and well made and they arrived quickly and were packaged between wood, which meant they arrived in excellent condition.


My original plan was all white frames but the day I put the wall together I went to Typo and saw that deer head with gold glitter antlers and really thought it should be on the wall. And then once I got home I thought the Frida Kahlo pictures Mum brought back from Mexico and my op-shopped paint by numbers ship should be there too.


In an amazing feat I actually planned out the wall first on the floor, which was a great idea because I had to move things around a good few times before I could get it looking right. And then in a second amazing occurrence I used a spirit level and followed the instructions on the 3M picture framing hooks.

Usually at our house Tom does the planning and I bolt right in. As you can see, this was new territory.


About two frames in I was sick of it – up and down on the bench, measuring, sticking, levelling… but I’m glad I was patient and took my time and did things properly because now I think the wall looks great. And heaps cooler than what was there before – but of course I didn’t take a before photo because I just bolted right in.


Sources for these illustrations:

Lisa Congdon on Etsy

Sweet William on Etsy

Oyprints on Felt

Petite_kiwi on Felt


7 Responses to Making our new illustration wall

  1. Maeve says:

    This is AWESOME! Love it!

  2. Jax says:

    Great work Emma – more inspiring posts – I just can’t keep up!

  3. Jeannie ( Mum ) says:

    The wall is fabulous Em. It looks amazing . So many little memories. WhenI come to stay it will now take longer to push my toast into the toaster under the new illustration wall. X

  4. Julie says:

    Such a wonderful wall, Emma. How clever is that!

  5. That looks GREAT! Wonderful combination of lovely things. x

  6. […] To get ready for 20 days by myself I’ve begun compiling a jobs list of sort to give me things to do. (None are as interesting as last year’s illustration wall). […]

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