A moochy weekend

I love a good moochy weekend – by the time I got home from Palmerston North early on Saturday morning it was already grey, raining and windy. The perfect excuse to blob inside catching up on Homeland and Downton Abbey with Tom.

Much of Tom’s weekend has been spent napping and catching up on washing and mine has included the usual sewing and pottering around the studio.


I made a wreath for our front door yesterday – sitting under the walnut tree and using leaves from our bay tree. I wrote an instructional on my Emma Makes blog.

IMG_6449If you ever need a craft assistant take Helen – she not only bought snacks but she then laid them all out like this at the back of my stall.


Our roses are in great shape this year – I made a nice indoor arrangement with roses and bay leaves. This photo is a bit of a cheat because it was for a friend’s birthday but I liked it and it shows our roses well. In other floral news I have a bud on one of my dahlias.


My Society 6 shop has free shipping until Monday USA time, which means you can get new products like cups without needing to deal with postage costs. Hooray!


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