Bite me gingerbread

My friend Lynn sends great birthday presents and this year posted me a pretty apron and a cookie cutter that came with alphabet stamps.

I decided Sunday night (while it was 28 degrees) was the time to fire up the oven and get into using the stamp set. I used this gingerbread recipe, which was easy and made a good amount and was nice and spicy.

IMG_6433Lynn’s letter set let me stamp out words on the gingerbread. You could easily do this yourself with a child’s plastic stamp set taped together – don’t be tempted to use lead type! I stacked all the gingerbread in a jar and took it to work.

IMG_6437Making gingerbread is  a great thing to do with kids – I remember spending hours one day when I was about seven making gingerbread men with our friends. I think Mum and some other Mums got together and there seemed to be an endless supply of dough. The weird thing is I don’t remember eating any of them because for me the fun was all in the making and decorating.


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