Farewell to Blighty

Tom texted me from London today to say he was awake at 1.40am because the chavs in the room above him were having a fight.

When he’s not listening to chavs ‘ave biffo then Tom’s been working in London (following his stint in Paris). Luckily he also had a weekend there to take some snaps, which are below.

Photo 23-11-13 9 31 00 am

Photo 23-11-13 10 08 49 am

Photo 23-11-13 10 14 28 amWhat I really like about these photos is that they just look like all photos from London but the fact that Tom took them makes them better (for me anyway).

He was super excited to be staying right near where they dropped The Tardis in the latest Dr Who episode, which he watched in London. A strange story there – last week I go an email from Kate (long time reader, first time writer) to say she’d read our blog for years and was a Kiwi in London and did Tom want to come over and watch Dr. Who in their lounge?Photo 23-11-13 10 16 39 amTom headed off and had a great time at Kate and Sam’s house – he navigated the tube to get there, ate dinner then watched Dr Who. It sounded like  a great night and not at all as weird as going to a stranger’s house on the other side of the world seems. Photo 23-11-13 10 34 10 am

2 Responses to Farewell to Blighty

  1. amanda says:

    Great photos, nice clear blue skies! That big Eye in the Sky thing wasn’t there when I lived in London last, looks quite impressive. Great that he was able to go into a Kates and watch Dr Who!

  2. Kate Hamlin says:

    It was lovely to have Tom over and I hope my squeals of fandom throughout the episode didn’t distract too much. Although it was chilly he did catch a couple of lovely days in Londontown, great pics!

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