Weekend list: 23 + 24 November 2013

Yesterday I hit the wall a bit with Tom being away and really wanted him back NOW. Still, it’s less than a week to go and I’ve got a whole bunch of craft bollox to get back from the lounge to the studio before then. Actually, I’m just going to do most of the jobs I’d planned to do while Tom was away – last minute as usual.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Cobweb busting YAWN
  • Putting up the illustration wall – I have the illustrations in their frames so need to plan that out and then get them up. I bought these 3M hanging things so it should be easy. I just need to plan properly and hang things straight
  • General housework
  • Wrap Tom’s birthday presents (we have a dollar limit this year so I also need to work out what I’ve spent and what’s for Christmas
  • Go to a vege swap on Saturday
  • Harvest some veges for the swap
  • Finish some Emma Makes bags I’ve been working on
  • Do some Emma Makes blog posts
  • Take some photos
  • Make some pencil packs
  • Sew some new bags from a bunch of wooden handles I recently bought.

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