What Emma ate

At our house Tom is the one who does the cooking so I knew that while he was away I needed to make a BIG effort to eat decent meals. So far, so good – with the help of Moore Wilsons I bought some great herbs and greens, salmon and chicken and was inspired to cook nice things my first week. I am also systematically eating my way through the tiny bits of relish left in approx. 50 jars in the fridge.

Here’s a few things I’ve eaten. Tonight it’s cheese on toast because I haven’t yet done this week’s shopping.


Frittata with lots of microgreens on top.


Salmon salad with balsamic dressing.


Frittata again – I like it heaped in microgreens.


Thai beef salad (a cheat because Delia and Rose cooked this for me).


Scrambled eggs, feta and basil on toast.


A picnic lunch.

Other things I’ve eaten include garlicky hummus on Martin’s great ciabatta (from Everest Cafe) and pizza made by Ellen at Ellen and Campbell’s house.

I stole the title for this blog post from the What Katie Ate blog. Her book is amazing – my workmate has it and I borrowed it. Beautifully styled and filled with delicious food.

One Response to What Emma ate

  1. katy says:

    Some great looking meals there! I have realised the thing I dislike most about meal preparation is the deciding and planning so have taken to ordering a box of veges each week from this place: https://foodbox.co.nz/

    I have found that once ingredients are in the fridge I am much more inspired to make decisions about what to do with them!

    The vege shop has also started selling meat so have a delivery coming with today’s order. This, combined with a newly opened organic grocery store just down the road for pantry items which also has an amazing bakery, and I am thinking I won’t need to visit a supermarket again this year (but if I do I will be ordering online as well) 🙂

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