Improvement ideas for the Wairarapa train

For the last seven years I’ve taken the train back and forth to work – first to Wellington and now to Waterloo. During that time I’ve read lots of books and made new friends and had some of the best naps of my life. Like many passengers I’ve also snorted myself awake.

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time starting into space and often spend that time thinking of improvements to the train. Here, for the first time is the list:

  • Occasionally the train gets backed up behind a unit (a train on wires). The obvious solution to this is that the Wairarapa train should be able to jump other trains.
  • Right now we’ve got new carriages that are quite uncomfortable. At least one of the carriages should be gutted and filled with bean bags. I know, if we crash people will fly around but realistically none of us are belted in so we’re all screwed if that happens anyway.
  • The anti gravity carriage would be a good idea. This would be even better if the walls were marshmallows and the carriage was filled with coloured balls.
  • The train trip is at least 40 minutes for most people – lets turn a carriage into an exercise carriage where the energy generated by the people working out powers the train.
  • We should be able to scan our tickets when we get on, which would leave the guards free to help me with my bike.
  • There should be bike racks in the luggage carriage instead of the current pile-o-bikes against the wall method.


3 Responses to Improvement ideas for the Wairarapa train

  1. thesewphist says:

    Ooooooh, you need bike seatbelts like we have on the Matangi units. And if you attached the beanbags to the floor with giant velcro, you could probably stitch seatbelts into the seams for greater safety.

    • tomandemma says:

      The beanbags would be SO good. We do need a better system for bikes – they have their own carriage and sometimes there’s up to 15 bikes in there so things get messy.

  2. Wolfies says:

    Love it. Maybe your bike get sat on and it and the other carriage full of people with their bikes, generates power. And you can swap with someone without a bike when you get tired. They get to use your bike and you get the beanbag.

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