A tale of two cities

This weekend I stayed Friday night in Wellington (well, Lower Hutt) with Rose and Delia and then had a Wellington day. I got a massage, a hair cut and did some shopping at Moore Wilsons stocking up on lots of nice veges to make sure I cook good meals while Tom’s away.

Tom was in Auckland for a conference and is now halfway to London (via Los Angeles). By the time you read this he’ll probably be in France. Here’s some combined photos of our weekend.


Roses on the main street in Petone – this garden smelt incredible.


Super yum Thai beef salad made by Delia and Rose and eaten off Delia’s amazing retro plates.


In Auckland Tom found a shop where you can buy a gift if you don’t want a really super awesome gift.


I said “yes” when Lucy asked if I wanted some eggs and now have way too many eggs for one person. So it was frittata on Saturday night with microgreens piled on top. Delicious!


At Moore Wilsons I bought peonies , which are now the queens of the lounge.


I went to a fabric sale and found lots of vintage treasure.


Tom sent me a photo of this cool bike in an Auckland window


Flowers at the fabric sale – looking beautiful, smelt like cat piss.


Sultana cake! It was being sold by the piece at the fabric sale.


While Tom relaxed in business class in his new complimentary socks…


and ate cheese and crackers and drank wine (see in Business Class you even get real cutlery)


I ate a delicious lunch on the table under the walnut tree. That’s Featherston made bread AND cheese today. I did drink the berry cider a bit fast though and felt quite lightheaded afterwards but when you’re home alone nobody knows that. Unless you tell them on your blog.

6 Responses to A tale of two cities

  1. Lunch under the walnut tree looks far superior to business class. Do you think they could fit a tree on the plane somehow? maybe in one of those suites?

  2. amanda says:

    I enjoyed all that reading and the photos thanks! Tom is off on a journey…great you can keep in touch so well, and you guys have such a great sense of humour, love the OK Gift Shop! Your platter under the Walnut tree looked so good…if it was as hot there as it was down here I couldn’t think of a better spot to sit and be, perfect.

  3. Tony says:

    Clearly you get a better class of terrorist in Business Class, hence real cutlery. Do they know where he works?

  4. Lynn Taylor says:

    Good fabric haul. Your peony pic = gorgeous – have you ever got any of your photos printed onto fabric through spoonflower? I have not tried it yet but other people say the results are good.

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