Weekend list: 9 + 10 November

Hello folks. I’m writing this at 5.39am – I’ve gotten up early to go for a bike ride (luckily I didn’t hear the rain on the roof before I did or I might not have). Here’s what I’m doing:

  • High tea with Rose and Delia today (finishing work a bit early)
  • Staying at Delia’s in Lower Hutt
  • Emma Makes Happy Hour from 8-9pm tonight – details here
  • Massage in Wellington tomorrow morning
  • Fabric-a-brac sale in Newtown
  • Going to Moore Wilsons (essentially to buy peonies but I’ll get groceries too)
  • Haircut at 3pm
  • Buy some frames for a project
  • Hope to visit the new Tea Pea shop
  • Find some kind of exercise to do on Saturday
  • A bike ride with Ellen on Sunday
  • Photographing things for my online shop
  • Sewing
  • Tidying the house a bit

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2 Responses to Weekend list: 9 + 10 November

  1. Ellen says:

    If I were your boss I would say ‘you are 1/5 more productive than the average worker please have one day off each week. Go forth swim bike drink tea and eat cake with that unemployed girl ellen’

  2. […] I’m getting my hair cut for the first time since 9 November 2013 […]

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