First, take one notebook #stressfreeChristmas

Yesterday I told you that to have a stress free Christmas you’d need a notebook and pencil. Here’s why…

  • It seems like a good idea at the time to use a receipt or a piece of spare paper for a list but trust me, it’ll get lost. A notebook won’t be chucked out, it can easily be thrown in a bag without ripping and is easier to find again.
  • Your notebook will let you plan and while it’s not rocket science, this will be the start of a stress free Christmas.

Emma Makes Hopes & Dreams notebook, $12

And here’s what you write in your notebook tomorrow. Don’t do it sometime next week or ‘soon’ – take 10 minutes and do it tomorrow while it’s a long weekend and you have an extra day to do things.

  • Write a list of everyone you buy gifts for – in detail. I like to break the list up into groups – family (Mum, Dad, siblings, their partners), friends, workmates – each individual should have a separate line in the notebook. Be specific – don’t just write things like, “teachers”, write: Mrs Apple, Mr Banana etc.
  • In another area of the notebook write everyone you want to send a Christmas card or note to. Again, be specific – I like to keep this list quite broad because it’s nice to send notes at Christmas and if you start early then it’s also achievable. On this list I include people that aren’t getting a present but that I want to thank for a good year e.g. stockists, friends.
  • Make another note of regular activities you do at Christmas such as parties you always go to in another part of the notebook.

Over the next few days you’ll probably think of people who you’ve forgotten to add. As soon as you remember them add them to the list.

In the lead up to Christmas I’ll help you write your Christmas cards on time and use these lists to shop for gifts that save you money. Think of this task as a good foundation to a stress free Christmas.

Emma Makes native birds journal, $12.

5 Responses to First, take one notebook #stressfreeChristmas

  1. Alisa Muir says:

    Loving this Emma.
    I am so behind this year and things are tight.
    SO I really need to get onto it.
    I shall be taking all your advice. 🙂

    • tomandemma says:

      I’d say if you’re reading this now in October you’re doing pretty well! I’ll make sure to include some good things to make as well that aren’t too expensive.

  2. Jax says:

    Love your work Emma. Just love it!

  3. […] you did your Christmas lists today then well done. Purses are a good gift for women in your life – either on their own (the […]

  4. Clare says:

    Following this! Great idea, thank you!

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