A creative weekend in Featherston for #kokomai

The past weekend was the inaugural weekend of Kokomai, Wairarapa’s creative festival. I had an open studio on Friday and Saturday, which was quiet but nice. Tom made me this great signage using his Dad’s old bike.


Friday blew a gale and only the brave turned out – by Saturday it was all blue skies and sunshine so I was able to add tablecloths and flowers to the outside table, add a basket of kittens outside my studio and work with the door open.

There’s another open studio this Friday so come along if you like – details here.


On Sunday I took part in a Frocks on Bikes ride – about 30-40 of us doned dresses (or a suit) and biked out to Longwood, around past the house and then back again. Longwood is apparently New Zealand’s largest private residence and I did my best to gawk as I slowly cycled by.



Yesterday was 26 degrees in Featherston so I was parched and flaking out by the time I got to high tea. Friends from Featherston went too as well as two workmates – we all had a perfect time eating beautiful tiny and delicious food from vintage plates and drinking cups of tea and lemon cordial from local’s Lavender’s Green.

I think my friends and I were in general agreement we’d like more high tea in Featherston.

high-tea-eight  high-tea-one




After a couple of healthy glasses of lemon cordial, it was time for friend Lucy and I to peddle home. I flaked out under the walnut tree, lying starfish style in the shade.


4 Responses to A creative weekend in Featherston for #kokomai

  1. oh the joys of living my life vicariously thru your blog .
    high teas , YUM !!
    LOVE your sign !

  2. thismumrocks says:

    I would’ve Loved to have been part of this ride.vvits looks like you all had a great time.

  3. Amanda says:

    What a wonderful sounding weekend! Love your table under the walnut tree….for a minute there I pictured some real playful kittens in the basket which I thought was a super cute idea of yours..then realised they were your ‘own’ kittens which are just as cute!
    And as for the bikes and the high tea….well, how great does that all look, and your photography really makes it look so romantic and relaxing, just beautiful.

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