Forever in my heart I am Grey Warbler

When I was at Brownies I was the leader of the Grey Warbler six. We lined up for inspection, shoes shone, gold shirts ironed beneath our brown pinafores. I can still remember spending a LOT of time and effort sitting in the laundry devoted to shining my gold trefoil with Brasso.

Brownies is probably the foundation for my desire to be an over-achieving people pleaser who wants to be liked.

And it’s the reason this year I’ve voting Grey Warbler for Bird of the Year. You can vote here.


4 Responses to Forever in my heart I am Grey Warbler

  1. thismumrocks says:

    Love bird of the year! am missing the tuis of my old backyard. This year I’m backing the Southern Rockhopper Penguin!

  2. Ellen says:

    I was a yellow tit but definitely not a leader, at the time i thought the tit word was very exciting. it is funny to think of you as a brownie. Can we do a secret exchange of brownie photos. I promise it is worth it, i had a bowl haircut and a skivvy. Oh the masonic ways.

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