The Wind in a frolic

Today is windy – the kind of crazy wind that is weather for murder. This morning before work the wind made me incredibly irritable. During the day the town has been filled with sirens and noise and on the Featherston Facebook page people are reporting power lines down and fences flying about.

Then I found this image on Digital NZ, which made the day seem romantic and dramatic and to be enjoyed. I think this image is rather good and wonder where she got her shoes.

The Wind in a frolic by James Chapman-Taylor. About 1945. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki


5 Responses to The Wind in a frolic

  1. Jeannie ( Mum ) says:

    I love your positive thinking Em, you turned the windy weather scenario completely around to be romantic dramatic and to be enjoyed . Yay. X

  2. Amanda says:

    I agree with your Mum..we should phone TV3 and get them to put it on the news headlines instead on the all the drama they will show. your pic is so much more fun! ( ps..I am quite glad that we flew out of Wgtn airport on Saturday though!)

  3. notjustknitting says:

    Excellent photo! Her shoes are gorgeous but I love her ‘bloomers’ too!!

  4. yes it is pretty rough here in nelson , too. did I hear that they sent one of the ferries out ? !
    I love those knickers.

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