Yesterday was a bad day. It was so chock full of crazy for everyone that one of my workmates had to check whether it was a full moon or not (its not).

Still, they can’t all be winners and lately I’ve done some great things. Namely…

  • I opened my studio shop in the weekend for Amanda and Ella from Christchurch and now you can visit too.
  • I planted a whole lot of new things in the garden: sweet peas, eating peas, carrots, watercress and mesclun. I have to try once I’ve planted things not to look out the window immediately after to see if they’re growing.
  • I had lunch with Ellen on the deck at café Reka in the Hutt. We ate wedges and it was great to see a friend.
  • I have a new stockist in Mr Feather’s Den.
  • I started a mental list of things to do if I get lonely when Tom is in France.
  • My dahlias are all planted and fed.
  • It’s sunny and warm at home most days now.

Image via Pinterest – click for link.

Image via Pinterest – click for link.


One Response to Roundabout

  1. Ellen says:

    When Tom goes away I hope we will have adventures like scabble sleep overs.

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