Weekend list: 5 + 6 October

  • Weedwack around the lemon trees and feed them
  • Feed the lime and feijoa trees
  • Send some mail
  • Put together some Emma Makes stock for Mr. Feather’s Den in Featherston (my newest stockist)
  • Wrap up a birthday present for a friend
  • Do some prep for my Kokomai workshops – assuming someone signed up
  • Clean up around the fire now that fires in the evening are on their way out
  • Price my studio shop stock
  • Sew some things that are pinned up
  • Maybe make a dress for myself
  • Update my website with my studio shop info and opening dates
  • Read more of Marisha Pessl’s Night Film
  • Nap in the sun

Here’s a weekend song to bust some moves to…


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