The shopping of the future is the shopping of the past

On Monday I popped into Ziera to ‘have a look.’ Tom says that if you really mean to just look you’d leave your wallet at home. Whatever Tom. Whatever.

There was a time just before Kumfs became Ziera that they made really great shoes in bright colours and interesting fabrics that were all entirely comfortable and often in my size. So I feel nostalgic for that time and like to visit. I ended up buying these shoes below – not often one for beige I thought they’d be great in summer and would go with any dress I was wearing. I also loved the holes and the yellow laces.

The shop was out of my size in this colour but offered that if I paid now they’d courier them out from the warehouse free of charge. Great service! And they arrived the next day too.

I think this should be the future of shopping for bricks and mortar stores. Just like in the olden days you should be able to buy things at shops and have them delivered. It really cut down the hassle of having to lug more bags around town and they were quick to arrive. Using this method shops could be smaller, which would cost less rent and surely it would keep New Zealand Post happy too?

Of course the one fatal flaw in this plan would be serving people without imaginations who couldn’t picture what the shoe that fitted them would look like in another colour.

IMAGE: Shoe shop, interior, photographed by K E Niven and Co of Wellington. From Alexander Turnbull Library.

3 Responses to The shopping of the future is the shopping of the past

  1. really nice shoe !
    showing slightly pinky beige on my monitor , which I love.
    perfect for summer wear.
    yes I am nostalgic for those olden days too…
    looking forward to seeing you wearing your new shoes in a future post ,
    : )

  2. Ellen says:

    I love this thinking emma, but the flaw isn’t really a flaw as perhaps those without imaginations will die out… natural selection and all that. It is my favorite blog post you ever made and the shoes are super pretty.

  3. Jax says:

    Love those shoes 🙂

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