Weekend list: 21 + 22 September

Tomorrow is my last day ever working at the Craft Country shop. I’ll be there from 10am-3pm doing these things:

  • Cutting out new purses from a great gold fabric and some op-shopped pinstripe chevron cotton
  • Maybe making some new big fold over clutches that involve white vinyl
  • Sewing some felt faces for stuffed kittens
  • Sewing felt hearts on sticks

Then I’ll do these things:

  • Plant my dahlias now the garden is weeded
  • Read Habibi – the graphic novel I’ve not read for a while
  • Work some more on my studio shop
  • List some shop fittings on Trade Me
  • Colour in some roman sandal notebooks
  • Pack up a big order for a stockist
  • Tidy the verandah
  • Nap

Image via Pinterest – but click it to go to this person’s Etsy shop for different wooden houses.


2 Responses to Weekend list: 21 + 22 September

  1. Alisa Muir says:

    oohhh Chevron.. My favourite. Not that I need more bags right now. (stupid statement. I can always need new bags).

    PS my pixie bag has had a couple of outing already but the daily bag right now is my blue/vinyl shoulder bag. It is a perfect size and slings over the shoulder perfectly.

  2. lynnjtaylor says:

    Hope your last day went well. Oh oh and liked getting ,ail from you, nice.

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