Restoration weekend

Lets imagine my iPhone didn’t slip out of it’s case on the weekend. And that it didn’t shatter and die and that I posted lots of lovely photos here. Instead I have nothing except another job for the week in sorting out insurance and a replacement. A bit of a fag too because Tom’s been away all weekend so I can’t text him greetings and updates.

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Here’s some highlights of what Helen and I got up to – it really was a great, restful weekend where I somehow did chores like grocery shopping and washing but felt really rested too. Hooray! UPDATE: here’s some photos on Helen’s blog…

  • A glass of wine at Cuckoo while we waited for our takeaway pizza
  • Pizza at home by the fire, with pear cider
  • Lashings of present opening – it went on forever as we both unwrapped a pile of many lovely presents
  • Off to Carterton to a very sad school garage sale
  • Op-shopping at Carterton and then Featherston
  • Pasteries and coffee at The French Baker
  • Spending Helen’s voucher at Craft Country (her) but it’s fun watching other people shop
  • Good bread from Everest Cafe in Featherston
  • A picnic Ploughman’s lunch on the table under the tree
  • Lazing about in the sun in the lounge
  • New Thunderpants from Thrive in Martinborough
  • Seeing Blue Jasmine at Circus Cinema
  • Fireworks
  • A great Sunday sleep in
  • Cooking for lunch and baking for the Craft Country book release
  • Lunch with our friend Melissa
  • Off to the book release for cookies, cake, cordial, scones and savouries and shopping
  • Moore Wilsons in Masterton for exciting ingredients
  • The bus home for Helen

Image from Pinterest

5 Responses to Restoration weekend

  1. […] my dear friend Emma. Call this a blog post ‘of two halves’ – the words are on Emma’s blog (go HERE if you want to read about what we did) and the photographs are on my […]

  2. Amanda says:

    This makes me look very lazy…I did not much at all over the weekend, yours looks so much more fun! I did order some new Thunderpants ( blue blossom design) online though, and got them in the post this morning..yay! Seems we have done similar there.

    • tomandemma says:

      New Thunderpants are the best aren’t they? I got bunnies, artichokes and a hearts pattern that I hadn’t seen before. I don’t think I saw the blue blossom ones in store.

  3. tiny happy says:

    sounds like the best weekend ever. esp the lunch with me! haha kidding. i sure loved it though.

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