The festival of broken needles

Last night Tom and I added something really cool to our Japan itinerary – the festival of broken needles.

Hari-kuyo is held on February 8 each year and next year on that day we’ll be in Sapporo.

According to the tradition, Japanese women would take a break from their daily work as dressmakers so that they could worship the sea gods and show their gratitude and respect to old, broken and rusty needles by putting them in a cake.

Today, this festival is held in all the temples and sanctuaries in Japan. Big cakes of tofu are laid out and you stick your old needles in it – I’m starting a collection of mine to take with me.

The festival consists in offering a funeral to the broken and old needles which have been used during the past year, as people in Japan believe that all objects have a soul and they receive part of our soul when we use them.

Thanks to Katy for telling Tom about this – and for scoping out the ‘best’ temple to attend in Sapporo.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


2 Responses to The festival of broken needles

  1. How blinkin’ wonderful.

  2. katy says:

    I hadn’t heard of this festival before, how great is it that it is during your trip?? Looking forward to hearing more about what it is like!

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