Today I am 36

It’s surely a sign of old age surely that your birthdays seem to get closer together. Weren’t we just here a moment ago?

Today I head to work – the trial of the birthday person with the new job is that I have no annual leave for a day off. But I go complete with caramel popcorn cupcakes for my first meeting (ironically with the sporty people) and then a lemon poppyseed cake for my workmates. Nothing says Happy Birthday bitches like taking opiates to work.

I’m planning early morning presents in bed, a stroll around the magnolias in the gardens at work, lots of cheer and good times and then home for some spaghetti bolognese.

Also, if you shop online today at Emma Makes and use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY then you’ll get free shipping.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Here’s birthdays 35, 34, 33, 32 and 31.


9 Responses to Today I am 36

  1. Happy birthday! Here’s to a magical day and an even more enchanting year.

  2. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday Emma…yes , they do get closer, then they get confusing..I was speaking to the bank on the phone the other day and had to ask those id questions ,and my age at my next birthday was asked, I said very quietly, 50..there was silence, and then the guy said, No , you are only going to be 49! I was very confused! Then my memory came back, it is a case of being shocked to think that I am any where near that age bracket anyway I think..totally see myself in my 20’s still.

  3. happy birthday , you poor ” old ” dear.!
    love you!

  4. carol says:

    Happy Birthday! aaahhhhhh the lemon poppyseed cake- I remember that well from the awesome ones you made me for my birthdays at artschool! …you’re right, that does all seem like yesterday, cannot believe it was half our lifes ago!
    have a wonderful day! xx

  5. Alisa Muir says:

    happy birthday Emma. I hope you have a beautiful day..

  6. suminhorto says:

    Happy birthday! Yay poppyseed!

  7. Happy birthday – I bought two more presents for your present pile today. 😀 x

  8. Delia says:

    Happy Birthday! We’ll drink a toast on Friday 🙂

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