Weekend list: 30 + 31 August 2013

The last few weekends since I began my job I’ve had places to go or people to visit or orders to finish most weekends. This weekend I’m looking forward to being a hermit – I still have some orders to do but I’ll also have lots of free time for new ideas too.

  • Finish off an order for a stockist
  • Sew some things I’ve pinned
  • Take some photos of prints to send to someone
  • Pack up a print I’ve recently sold
  • Make some pencil sets
  • Think about the little shop area I’m going to make in my studio – I’m planning to do this before the open studios at the Kokomai Creative Festival
  • Rethink how I style my notebooks and pencils in my online shop
  • Print a blanket with skulls
  • Think about things to make for summer
  • Do some reading
Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


2 Responses to Weekend list: 30 + 31 August 2013

  1. styling suggestion a person writing in a notebook with a pencil, a person with spectacles reading a notebook

  2. Alisa Muir says:

    Sounds like an enjoyable list.

    i am hoping to take time to potter in my bedroom/craft area this weekend as its a bombsite still from moving and I just hate it.

    Plus I have new scrapping goodies I want to play with.

    and PS.. My new bag took its first trip to town today.
    Big enough for all my stuff including a stack of library books.
    LOVE it.

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