The great green cardigan revealed

Poor Sally actually finished my wonderful green cardigan about three weeks ago and ever since it’s either been too dark before work to take photos or it’s been the weekend and I’ve been too lazy to put on a nice dress.

Thankfully this morning Tom was home, it was lighter than normal at 7am and it is freezing cold – perfect weather for this super snuggly cardigan.

I first saw my beautiful cardigan on Pinterest and happened to mention I’d love to have it knitted and Sally offered. I was amazed at that offer and continue to be amazed that people can knit so well!

I chose a soft, warm dark green wool and Sally worked away over winter. She blogged about starting knitting on her blog.

Here it is – the great reveal. My absolute favourite is the back detail of the cardigan, which is two leaves on top of each other. This piece is hand-sewn on with two vintage buttons on top.


Here you can see the actual green of the jersey and it’s SO warm.


Today I’m wearing a dress covered in fishing men and a gold belt.


My styling is inspired by this Pinterest pin below. I really like the big collar on the dress below so that might be in my future soon too:

And the really great thing about having crafty friends? Other than them knitting you a cardigan… is that they also blog about it the experience so you can see how it was for them too.


6 Responses to The great green cardigan revealed

  1. suminhorto says:

    So beautiful! Cardigan is stunning. You look stunning.

  2. notjustknitting says:

    Those buttons are perfect Emma – you look amazing. Love, love, love the red dress!!

  3. tiny happy says:

    oh wow!! it’s divine. and looks so good on you. lucky lucky!!

  4. Julie says:

    I really love that cardigan, such a good addition to your wardrobe. I enjoyed reading her blog about it too. What a great group of people you all are.

  5. lynnjtaylor says:

    Nice, very nice. Loving those buttons too.

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