I’ve finally bought my dahlia bulbs

When you get married there’s a certain level of compromise required in certain situations. However, that’s nothing compared to having kids, taking them to the garden centre and ending up with a BROWN DAHLIA.

Read Helen’s story of shopping for dahlia bulbs – I laughed. Although I did also think “oh hell” and get onto buying my dahlia bulbs quick smart.

I shopped for all my bulbs online because it was just a bit easier. I’ve gone for a pink and cream colour scheme but then I saw a really cool yellow dahlia that I just HAD to add to the mix so that’s in there too. When I was 12 I had a great pair of yellow and pink swimming togs so this colour scheme reminds me of that.

I’m going with the “plant late September” dahlia advice, which fits in really well with my lazy attitude to gardening and the fact that the dahlia garden is currently overrun with weeds.

I’ve got:

  • Grammas Lemon Pie
  • Figurine
  • Joy Burkett
  • Peaches
  • Stolze of Berlin


3 Responses to I’ve finally bought my dahlia bulbs

  1. Alisa Muir says:

    I have never grown dahlia’s before.
    They are so pretty so I don’t know why.
    I must give them a go.

    • tomandemma says:

      Join in with us this year – you’ll have to plant after the ground warms up a bit. I’ve never grown them either so fingers crossed they’re picture perfect.

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