Some really good advice

I recently read Cath Kidston’s business book Coming up Roses (you can read my review on Good Reads).

The page that stuck with me most is the one below – and the lesson, “Don’t confuse a distraction for an opportunity.” So often when you’ve got a small business like mine people are keen to give you good ideas. And it’s sometimes really hard to work out what will help and what will hinder.

I’ve found that if I lay any issues out as either ‘opportunity’ or ‘distraction’ then it becomes a lot clearer for me as to where it lies. For example, suggestions of new product lines sound exciting but for me often fall into the distraction column.

As a fan of good advice I’ll happily take any in the comments below. What helps you through?

P.S. I also really like this saying.

cath-kidston cath-kidston-2


2 Responses to Some really good advice

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    Hey I am part of a masters student research project about returning to work after illness. I have been asked to write about things that help me with doing work when self employed and so I said reading the blogs of Emma and another friend Kat. So I have just printed off this blog entry to show as an example of the helpful blog content – cheers.

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