In which I think swimming a mile could be a good idea

In my mind I’m an amazing swimmer. I spent my childhood in the pool; I clearly remember a woman at the Centennial Baths in Invercargill, when I was about seven, making me swim 150 metres before she’d believe I was a good swimmer and let me in the big pool.

Then at high school I went to the pool sometimes three times a day and once swam a mile (about 64 lengths of a 25 metre pool in one go).

At my new job everyone gets a free swimming pool pass so recently I’ve been learning a few home truths. For example, that my technique is still good but my stamina is shot.

So then I get crazy ideas like, “I should try and swim a mile again.” And then in writing this blog post I found there’s actually a training programme for that, which looks a heck of a lot better than the couch to 5K programmes lots of people do.

This could be turning into something.

Swimmers during learn to swim week, at a suburban swimming pool, probably Wellington region, ca 1939 National Library NZ on The Commons


2 Responses to In which I think swimming a mile could be a good idea

  1. I once attempted aqua jogging around france, each length i did = so many meters = so many kms every day i’d come home and move my little push pin. and then i realise i hadn’t even left paris and gave up. a mile sounds so much for achievable and also there’s something about a mile it feels all nostalgic

  2. tiny happy says:

    go emma! i’ve always been useless at swimming.

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