Weekend list: 17 + 18 August

It hasn’t so much been a long week this week but its been a tiring one as I continue to wriggle myself into a place at work where I know people, get used to juggling accounts again and am doing the right things.

Here’s the weekend plan:

  • Pizzas from Cuckoo for dinner (hooray)
  • Mum is visiting so I can help her on her entry for the Southland Business Awards – that’ll probably take most of Saturday
  • Sort out some notebooks, bags and things for an exhibition of sorts at Mum’s bakery in Winton
  • Make some purses for a stockist’s order
  • Fix cousin Lisa’s Macbook cover
  • Take some fabric photos for a commission
  • Take some photos of my new cardigan while it’s light so you can all see it
  • On Sunday have afternoon tea with the Craft Country workers

7 Responses to Weekend list: 17 + 18 August

  1. Alisa Muir says:

    Hold your horses. What bakery in Winton are we talking about? lol

    I am trying to think if there are more than one?

    • tomandemma says:

      There is only one and it’s helpfully called The Winton Bakery!

      • Alisa Muir says:

        hehe yeah I know The Winton bakery. I was trying to figure to remember if there was another one or not. Because that is the only one we go to in Winton. Because they are my favourite bakery EVER. We cannot drive through Winton without going in for goodies. Especially the jelly/cheesecake slice (I LOVE THAT SLICE).

        My family is from East Limehills so we used to go out that way a lot from Invercargill. 🙂

        Best bakery EVER right there.

  2. Jeannie says:

    I had been in Wellington an hour and the earthquake hit today. I was having vegetable Frittata and coffee in L’Affares and reading Ems blog. I had to finish reading about my Bakery under the table !! I love “hold your horses ” Em and I have competitions who can think of the most Southland Sayings, I’m glad you love the Winton Bakery Alisa. When I get home Ill send you a voucher for coffee and the Jelly Top Cheesecake ( Official Title ! ) . Jeannie ( Emma’s Mum x )

    • Alisa Muir says:

      Aww thanks Jeannie.

      Funnily enough my Mum is in Wellington this weekend staying with my Aunt and Uncle. I got a crazed call with the “WE JUST HAD AN EARTHQUAKE” while walking to get my kids from school.

  3. katy says:

    I stopped by Cuckoo when I was driving through Greytown last week, the cheesecakes looked amazing!

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