Treasure hunting at the Senior Citizen’s Social Club

When you move to a small town finding a building with a ‘Senior Citizen’s Social Club’ sign on it really is golden.

On Saturday I was driving to the shop to do my day (I always go too early) and happened upon a garage sale in the social club building. Normally I don’t do garage sales – the likelihood of being stuck chatting to a nutter is too high. And the likelihood I have change is low so I don’t bother.


I haven’t been op-shopping that much lately. I have heaps of stuff and it’s been a long time since I found any really great treasure because it feels like everything is a bit picked over or just uninspiring.

However, the hall was filled with great old lady tat. I even saw Wedgewood – and a few really great things worth a lot of money (that I didn’t get). I got two pieces of vinyl – for making bags and purses – a crazy green fish vase, which is now choking on daffodils in the bathroom, a beautiful lemon glazed honey pot and a really old but great silver teapot.





8 Responses to Treasure hunting at the Senior Citizen’s Social Club

  1. Louana says:

    eek, I love that fish vase! also the fact it’s choking the daffodils. Sounds like my kind of garage sale.

  2. Amanda says:

    Think you did very well…that fish vase is a ‘gurgling fish jug’ I think? Used to pour water into your whiskey I think? I have seen the originals on Antiques Roadshow?? (looks great with Daffs though!)

  3. thismumrocks says:

    Lol, I’ve been at a dinner party (in Canada)where the fish jug was used as a red wine decanter. 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    Must be a minature of the real thing then! Google ‘gurgling jugs’ and see what you find…could be gold on your doorstep!

  5. Great find. Trying to resist comments about drinking like a fish.

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