Kokomai Creative Festival/Wairarapa

This October the Wairarapa is going to host its first ever Creative Festival, Kokomai.

A while back I applied to teach some classes and to also have an open studio where you could come and see where I create Emma Makes. Truth be told it will be the tidy version of my studio and I’m going to make a little shop area that I don’t have now.

The programme is launched at the end of August but I know for sure that I’m teaching two classes:

A special sewing class where you can learn to make your own ric-rac pocket purse. This will be at my home at the table under the walnut tree and is entirely a hand-sewing project. It should be a great occasion to sit around, chat with new people and make something nice for yourself.

My other class is about customising op-shop clothing. People will come along and learn how to change average clothes into something amazing by adding, cutting, restyling and other easy things. You have to bring your own clothes to this so you know what you’re making will fit you when you’re done.

I’ll let you know when the programme comes out so you can sign up for classes. It’s a great time to do something new or just visit the Wairarapa for a weekend.

Visit the Kokomai website.

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5 Responses to Kokomai Creative Festival/Wairarapa

  1. Lisa Wilde says:

    Oh. How wonderful. I’ve been planning to trip out and spend a weekend in Featherston before I get too caught up in my dream of it. This sounds just the ticket!

  2. billlienz says:

    I’d been considering coming down for Kokomai – think I’ve just decided definitely!

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