I write this sitting in the kitchen sink

Sometimes (quite often in fact) I meet people who grew up reading the kinds of books I imagine they give you at a girl’s boarding school; Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty, all the Austen classics and Wuthering Heights. I’d class I Capture the Castle in this lot – earnest, romantic, wonderful written and above all memorable.

Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire, UK | National Trust Woodlands carp

Just this weekend I finished reading I Capture the Castle for the first time. I’m slowly making up for my lack of classics (Anna Karenina, Wuthering Heights, A Room with a View) and found I Capture the Castle to surely be one of the most quotable ever. A book that every girl should read (along with this one) as part of her real education in life. It’s a wonderful story and dispenses brilliant life advice.

“Contemplation seems to be about the only luxury that costs nothing.”

“I was wandering around as usual, in my unpleasantly populated sub-conscious…”

“You’re the kind of child who might develop a passion for Bach.” I told him I hadn’t at school. The one Bach piece I learnt made me feel I was being repeatedly hit on the head with a teaspoon.””

While I read I also compiled a Pinterest board so I could remember all of the motifs and scenes within the book. I Capture the Castle is so vibrant and seems to me like a book to love for life and one to read more than once. Read it now or buy it for someone you love – especially if that person is a teenage girl.

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3 Responses to I write this sitting in the kitchen sink

  1. Jannelle says:

    My favourite book ever. I read it when I was at college and have been in love with ever since.

  2. Jax says:

    I love your blog Emma. I haven’t read either of these and have added them to my ever growing list of books to read. The way you have written I capture the castle just wants me to rush out and buy it right now!

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