Petone Winter Carnival (photo heavy)

On Saturday Tom suggested we head over the hill to see a movie – I remembered that it was Petone Winter Carnival day and so we combined both for a fun day out. We spent a couple of hours at the Carnival from around 12noon looking at the market stalls, buying things like a giant salami, eating lunch and watching people. The great thing was that the Carnival was huge and there was something new to see at every turn. It was also really well organised with great signage, heaps of rubbish bins and handy things like ATM machines.

Then we saw Pacific Rim at Queensgate. Tom overhead this review from a kid of the movie,

“I liked it because it was all action. When they weren’t fighting they were swearing, which counts as action.”

We did a quick lap around Pak n Save for our groceries then it was back to the Carnival for effigy burning, fireworks and more street food for dinner. The effigies were fantastic – our favourite was definitely the drum kit, which was incredibly well built but also built to maximise burning so the flames were quick and hot. Not so bright were the ones containing fireworks, which burnt down and then let the fireworks off sometimes in different directions than they’d planned.

This is a once a year festival and we highly recommend heading along.















3 Responses to Petone Winter Carnival (photo heavy)

  1. Ooh what did you think of Pacific Rim? I thought it had so many flaws it sparkled.

    • tomandemma says:

      We loved that it was just big action without too much cheese and without a romantic storyline. Pure, mindless fun without being stupid. We both really enjoyed it!

  2. Sheree says:

    thanks for the pictures. we had an anniversary dinner planned so got to Petone at 7.30pm just in time for the fireworks. by the time we finished eating and headed to the beach it was all over! we did warm our behinds at the braziers still going on the beach. But it sounds well worth going earlier for.

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