Weekend list: 3 + 4 August 2013

Huzzah! The first weekend list – I probably won’t bore you with the generic ongoing chores we do every weekend so just assume that at some point we’ll shop for groceries.

And I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this too – this list seems uneventful. When I made the Friday list I’d add to it through the week but this week has been a whirlwind of activity. Here it is:

  • Sort out the dahlia garden if it’s nice – meant to do this ages ago and it hasn’t happened
  • Shop for dahlia bulbs online
  • Take some photos of new Emma Makes products
  • List other products that I’ve already taken photos of
  • Clean the shower
  • Get a load of washing on tonight so we’re ahead
  • Finish I Capture the Castle
  • Read more of Habibi – my first graphic novel reading experience
  • Go for a walk with Ellen
  • Make time for resting
  • Write a blog post about the progress on the Tiny Eyes Emma Makes collaboration


4 Responses to Weekend list: 3 + 4 August 2013

  1. madz says:

    I have some Dahlia bulbs you will like. two different ones. One short with yellow flowers one super tall with gorgeous mauve blooms.

  2. If you like the book Capture the Castle there is a lovely movie, too.

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