The best high tea in Wellington

Last Friday I went with my cousin Rose and her friend Delia to high tea at Sweet Pea Petone. We stayed for two hours, left full and contented and I’d happily rate it the best high tea in Wellington.

I’ve done high tea at Martha’s Pantry, Hippopotamus at the Museum Hotel, and the James Cook hotel and Sweet Pea wins out. As well as delicious food that was both tiny and plentiful, we got our own pot of tea (you choose from the tea menu) as well as a cupcake at the end to either eat there or take home.

The food was fresh and delicious, the entire cafe is white with vintage trimmings, the staff all wear wonderful vintage dresses, hair and makeup and the service is attentive but kind and friendly.

As a bonus Rose almost died laughing at three super posh women that arrived for some occasion and were complete with air kisses for each other and photos of their toy-boys.

Image via Sweet Pea’s Facebook page

Image via Sweet Pea’s Facebook page

Sweet Pea is open until 9pm Friday so Delia and I plan to meet sometime for an after work wine and cupcake. And I’m already planning for Tom and I to go to high tea and a move at Lighthouse Cinema Petone.

The high tea is $26 a pop – and prices increase from there if you want to add bubbles and then again if you want to add French champagne.

If the salted caramel cashew cupcake is on the menu the day you go then that’s my pick – it was incredible.

And just to prove this really is a great place – the toilets are super nice and really clean too.


5 Responses to The best high tea in Wellington

  1. Viv says:

    I agree, I went to Sweet Pea a couple of weeks ago for High Tea, it was fabulous. I had the salted caramel cashew cupcake too. Must try out high tea at the new place in Greytown called Catherine’s Kitchen.

  2. Rose says:

    Yes, toy boys from Croatia no less. Shudder. I would agree on the quality, couldn’t fault it and rated it just as good as the high tea at The Ritz in London, which cost a hell of a lot more. Next time I’m back we shall have to do it again. When you and Delia make it there next for wine you’ll have to let me know if any more posh ladies turn up…..

  3. Delia says:

    I’m so happy that my first ever high tea experience rates so highly in comparison to the Ritz and all those other ritzy places! Looking forward to a repeat, Emma!

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