A good day for books

It’s a great day for books today with Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries (soon to be released) making The Booker Prize long list. I’ve been reading an advanced copy for a while now and will have my review here soon (before the 1 August release date I hope). Needless to say it’s brilliant and I’m finally getting to the stage where I can form sensible ideas about who dunnit, which is very exciting.

Victoria University Press has opened their pre-orders this morning.

Pre-order hardback
Pre-order paperback

Image via VUP

The finalists in the New Zealand Post Book Awards were announced today too. I loved The Forrests by Emily Perkins, which is short-listed and am stoked that my friend Sarah Jane Barnett has her poetry book on the finalists list too.

In fact, if you’re on Facebook make sure you vote for The People’s Choice award. You can also use these cover images on your page to help lobby for your favourite book.


One Response to A good day for books

  1. notjustknitting says:

    I loved “The Forrests” not to mention EVERYTHING else that Emily Perkins has written but The Luminaries looks excellent as well. I’m looking forward to your review. Note to self – I must study the Booker Prize List a little more carefully.

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