Shake rattle and roll

I was planning on blogging yesterday but Tom was working at home because of the earthquake so I hope you didn’t take that to mean we’d both been squashed.

I think we’ve been quite lucky here – while we certainly felt the big Sunday night shake and many of the aftershocks we’ve missed out on a lot of the smaller rattles that people in Wellington and Blenheim have had. That doesn’t mean I”m not just waiting for another earthquake though.

Nothing at our house broke and because we’ve secured our biggest bookshelves to the walls things just moved closer to the edge of shelves in a sinister fashion. We’ve got our earthquake kit sorted and thanks to a tip from someone in Christchurch, have been sleeping with shoes, a jacket and a torch each beside the bed.


Image via Pinterest

This week I am unemployed – really between jobs but Tom loves to tell me I’m a bum. This bum is sewing, trying to get ahead so I’ve got new stock to list on my website even when I have one less day to make it in. I do wish though that I could clone myself to take photos and list things online.

And of course this morning I’m celebrating the arrival of the royal baby. Hoorah!


6 Responses to Shake rattle and roll

  1. Delia says:

    Congratulations on your week as a bum! You should treasure it up carefully… I look back very fondly on my between-MSc and proper job weeks. They are like little nuggets of pure, guilt-free self indulgence!

    • tomandemma says:

      Great advice – I am very likely to just work on Emma Makes all week without any fun so this is a great reminder. And of course there’s high tea on Friday.

  2. Rose says:

    Definitely revel in being a bum. I loved my month off between jobs, even when I started running out of money as it was all part of the fun!I’m disappointed the royal baby isn’t a girl, but am hoping it is a ginger…. I would love to see a ginger on the throne!

    • tomandemma says:

      I was a bit disappointed too Rose – someone pointed out that after Queen Elizabeth there won’t be another Queen for at least 100 years. Also, I know the drill when you’re waiting for a baby and out comes a boy… story of my childhood!

  3. Amanda says:

    Just had a little rumble and shake here in Chch while reading this, ! Is NZ just going to crumble and disappear soon??
    Glad you are ok up there..enjoy your week , your survival kit looks good ( we don’t have a basket ball but should have , good stress reliever!)
    PS…I am getting alot of stupid ads at the bottom of your blog…anyone else??

    • tomandemma says:

      Thanks – ill look into the ads but have noticed them on other blogs too. We get heaps of spam as well these days. Probably a way to try and make up pay to upgrade.

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