The cult of personality

A while ago at work our office decided to do the Myers Briggs personality test – just for larks. I’m sure there’s long, complicated, observed versions that are more accurate but we just used something free and online.

It was interesting to find out how my workmates fitted into the test and where I did. I turned up as an INFJ, which you can read about here – I found the ‘characteristics of INFJs’ the most interesting.

I used to find personality tests deeply frustrating – I hated being put into a box or thinking that anyone could pinpoint me to one of sixteen types of people. But we all get older and our spirit for fighting irrational things fades and now I just find the whole thing quite interesting.

Have you ever tested yourself?

5 Responses to The cult of personality

  1. I’m the E to your I, but in all other respects we’re the same. I always struggle with the ‘would you rather read a book than go to a party?’ question: they’re not a dichotomy for me. But learning about the difference between extroversion and introversion in terms of where you get your energy has made a big difference to my work and personal life.

    • tomandemma says:

      Life is heaps easier once you work out how you like to operate. What sealed it for me is working out that I need alone time to function well. I often – although I seem outwardly normal – will feel completely drained from talking to people and just need to be quiet for a bit to recharge. It’s also quite noisy in my head with ideas and thoughts and plans and ‘what ifs’ and I enjoy being in there so silence has it’s rewards. Going to parties does not have its rewards for me. Unless I can be in a quiet place near the party then I quite like that.

  2. Ellen says:

    Interesting to learn you are INFJ, I am this and we are also so very different. I wonder of your enneagram-self? It is interesting to know what ‘types’ we surround our ‘type’ with. I hope to make it on your list for bicycling tomorrow. PS. parties are good for YOU to get compliments for your wonderful baking skills.

  3. tiny happy says:

    yes the tests are interesting if only to get some idea of natural preferences, although i do wonder about how fixed these traits are throughout our lives. for example since having kids 10 years ago the way i achieve tasks and want to work has completely changed (from P to J) and as an adult i greatly enjoy meeting new people, but as a child i was so shy i often couldn’t speak. we are the same ‘type’- INFJ.

  4. Erica Smith says:

    I’m an ENFJ and was really suprised to find out that I’m slightly more extraverted than I thought; much as I was to find out I’m 51% left brained. Once I read the profile I realised it made perfect sense that I had drifted into teaching art the way I have! Once I became a mum I realised to what extent you are who you are from the day you’re born. All very interesting, and I can see why Jung was so into interconnections!

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