An easy winter pudding

Surely one of the best things about winter must be tamarillos. I love them fresh and stewed and never with any sugar – I like them slightly sour and a little bit evil.

Stewed fruit is one of the most homely foods possible for me. When we were kids Mum always made us stewed fruit for our Weet-bix; tamarillo or rhubarb from the garden or apple. This weekend I stewed up some tamarillos for breakfast and used others in a pudding.

How to stew tamarillos
Stewing is super easy – just cut off the tops, put in a pot whole (skin on) with a bit of water and let them stew. Once they’re cooked you can easily pick the skins off so there’s no reason to bother with peeling them first.


A super easy pudding
They’re also incredibly good in Melissa’s any-kind-of-fruit pudding, which I made on Friday night. I peeled raw tamarillos, halved them and arranged them on the top of my raw pudding whether they promptly sunk to the bottom. I think the recipe also says to use a blender but I used an old-fashioned egg beater and still got great results.

The pudding was great – a real old fashioned taste – and would be amazing with a rose-water scented cream or vanilla ice-cream. It’s the kind of thing I fantasise serving in the kind of vintage-styled cafe that I’ll never actually run but sometimes think about.


4 Responses to An easy winter pudding

  1. suminhorto says:

    Tamarillos: I love them as much as you love zucchini. (When I first went and stayed at Skruff’s Mum’s place, she made a tart loaded with tamarillos on top for dessert. I was given a huge slice and was nearly ill in my effort to be polite!) Your photo does make them look nice though.

    • tomandemma says:

      This shocks me to my core. It’s so hard to understand that people don’t like the things you love. I regularly have that conversation with people about mushrooms… can’t stand them. But, like you, will force my way through a meal in the pursuit of manners.

      • Think it was largely ‘cos I didn’t realise they were tamarillos til it was too late. Held out hope they were beautiful red plums. Your FB thread has me in stitches btw!

      • tomandemma says:

        So interesting – after you mentioned about the tamarillos I thought I’d ask and it seems that everyone will choke down food they hate in the name of good manners.

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