Fabric stash rehash: an autopsy

I think it’s probably safe to say that the postal stash rehash is done and dusted. What an interesting project and a true insight into human behaviour, expectations and attitudes.

All up 80 people took part in the stash rehash and I’d say that 90% of those were people I have never heard of. During the project I spent at least 20 hours on administration – from sorting out the postal matches, to answering queries, fielding a couple of complaints and then just this last week following up a couple of lost parcels (which have all made it to their new homes now).

We’ve had one person in a car crash, another take an unexpected trip to hospital and someone give birth… but regardless the stash rehash was achieved.

I posted two stashes because someone signed up just after I’d finished matching people up and then I felt too mean to say no and had heaps of fabric to give anyway. It was so exciting getting my stashes in the post and I felt a LOT more excited about what I got than what I sent, which was the point really. I sent good stuff but just stuff I was sick of looking at. Here’s what I got…


Stash no. 2 – lots of florals and warmer colours


Stash no. 2 included embroidery thread and trimmings too.


A bird from stash no. 1


Stash no. 1 – lots of floral, polka dots, birds and some hand-stamped fabric


Birds and roses from stash no. 1


More roses

Here’s what Sarah got and here’s what a girl called Kat who I don’t know got.

See stash rehash photos on Instagram.


4 Responses to Fabric stash rehash: an autopsy

  1. Good on you for all that voluntary labour! It was such a cool idea. When I see you next I will buy you a big cake and a cup of tea. I hope it hasn’t made you hate humanity too much. x

  2. Louana says:

    all that behind scenes work going appreciated, thank you for all that hard work! I was so pleased with my parcel and I sent to Kat, so I was pleased to read that she was happy too!

  3. tiny happy says:

    thank you emma, i thought it must have been a lot of work, it is appreciated!

  4. Kat H says:

    Thanks so much for running this swap – it was so much fun! I’ve been making plans for all the pretties I got sent already, I just need to decide which to start on first, haha! 🙂

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