Friday list: 5 July 2013

  • Sort out a white kitten toy for my Tiny Eyes collaboration
  • Do some sewing of bags I’ve pinned up
  • Wash the dishes – why are there always so many dishes?
  • Do some reading
  • Coffee with Jane in Martinborough at 10.30am
  • Pick up stash rehash parcel at the Post Office
  • Probably do some stash rehash admin – chasing up other people’s parcels that haven’t arrived
  • Make burgers for dinner
  • Try and fix my neck – I slept on it funny the other night and it’s super sore now
Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest


4 Responses to Friday list: 5 July 2013

  1. Try doing a wide-legged forward bend, grasp your elbows, rock onto the balls of your feet, breathe deeply and really dangle your head off the end of your spine with no tension or resistance…might help your neck a bit.

  2. Alisa Muir says:

    Dishes are evil.
    I kind of hate them. A lot.

    Hope your neck feels better asap.

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