Knitting scarves and cardigans

A few years ago I began a tradition of knitting myself a new scarf each winter. I know two stitches: purl and plain, which I probably learnt knitting peggy squares at primary school. They’re endlessly useful for baby hats and scarves and not much else.

Over time, probably as Emma Makes became busier, I’ve stopped knitting myself scarves and haven’t really missed it at all. But something (I’ve now forgotten what) inspired me to start again so I picked up my knitting needles and knitted up a big ball of natural wool that I’d bought on my road trip to the Auckland Art and Craft Fair.

As I went I thought I probably should have cast on 30 stitches, not 40 but once I was done and had sewed the ends together into a big loop I couldn’t be happier. The scarf is big and warm and can easily be pulled up over my mouth and nose when the frost is particularly biting.

In much more exciting news, Sally is knitting me a new green cardigan – she has blogged about it (with pictures) on her blog.



9 Responses to Knitting scarves and cardigans

  1. amanda joblin says:

    Love the scarf, and LOVE the green cardi…you are lucky to have someone knitting it for you. It looks great and can see it looking just right on you.

  2. Caren says:

    That is such a cool cardy pattern Emma. A tricky-looking one… I have admired it before, but don’t think I have the skills or perseverance. Great to see that you’ve got a really talented knitter doing it for you. I have some of Sally’s yarn which I bought from her at a wool fair recently, it’s beautiful. Btw, re ‘I know two stitches: purl and plain’ – well, really, that’s most of what knitting is…

  3. Julie says:

    Such a great scarf, so cosy looking. I love the look of the green cardigan, and green is a great colour for you. I do not mind when we get the Friday List, just so long as we get a list of some sort!

  4. tiny happy says:

    AMAZING. both scarf-loop and cardy.

  5. Louana says:

    I love that scarf! I had one similar when I used to catch the bus to work, I really needed it to cover my nose on cold mornings! I love the look of the cardi too, lucky you.

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