A new job for me

This week I accepted a new job as a Senior Communications and Marketing Advisor – a job that comes with a good salary, a shorter commute to work and a swimming pool pass.

I won’t begin until the end of July and am lucky to have a week off between jobs for a bit of reading, relaxing and frantic sewing. You see the new job is five days a week – shocker – which means no more Fridays lolling about at home.

Many people I’ve talked to are concerned about what this means for the Friday list (the most popular part of this blog I’m sure) so if you have any bright ideas for that then let me know in the comments below.


21 Responses to A new job for me

  1. Congratulations! Is it still on the Welly side of the hill?

  2. amanda joblin says:

    Well done, the swimming pool pass must have been a selling point??? Not sure what you are going to do about The Friday List, so many people read that,you can not just cut out that part of their lives! Maybe it could become a “Weekend List” as that is what you are going to have to re-schedule things for now I suppose…..you will work it out because that is what you are good at!

  3. lynnjtaylor says:

    Well done – new job sounds great and cutting back on commute time is a bonus. So how much time will you have a week ‘saved’ in commute time – that could be your new list title – channel that time into Emma Makes – but be flexible about when you do it, – could be the “hour and a half list” (just making a guess, have no clue really how much time you will save.) Otherwise I think Amanda’s suggestion of a weekend list is pretty good.

    • tomandemma says:

      Technically I won’t save time on the commute in that way since I’ll likely take the same train home but just have to hang around longer before jumping on. I’m thinking of using that time for swimming. You should do the Hutt arts teaching again – that’s right near my new work.

  4. leebeenz says:

    Congratulations on your new job. The swimming pass sounds like a very good bonus!

  5. Ellen says:

    List of weekly learnings?

    For example

    – when there is a power cut and you wake up with candles lit it is very disorienting and makes the day feel much better.

  6. Claire says:

    New job sounds great! I too would miss the Fridy list….

  7. thismumrocks says:

    The Friday list is my fav blog post of the week! Maybe a weekend edition, set to arrive Sat am?

  8. A Mums comment !
    I think you should just have a Sunday list to replace the Friday list. Saturday will be the boring housework jobs day that cant get done through the week but the Sunday list might be just the things you really want to do ,like hanging out with Tom .Creating new Emma Makes things .What you both do to relax before the busy new week.

  9. Rose says:

    Congrats on the new job Emma! I too will miss the Friday list (having been an honorable mention on it once to my excitement), hopefully you’ll have a weekend list! I’m up in Welly at the end of the month and planning a trip out your way – will keep you posted so hopefully we can catch up again. I should have a few more amusing Madelaine stories by then.

  10. ARRRGGGH, no more Friday list?! NOOOOOO! (Congrats on the job by the way – awesome news & maybe we could do lunch out here one day?)

  11. thesewphist says:

    Oooh – let me know if you’re ever keen for a lunch date! And congratulations on the new job!

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