An easy winter makeover

A really easy way to change your space is to put up some new art. We love lots of original art in our house but I like to mix that up with illustrations as well as some more cheap and cheerful pieces too.

Here’s a couple of super easy and pretty cheap ways to change out the art in your home by using cards and box frames.

The first new picture I did is a HomeBase Collections card inside a box frame that I bought from Country Road. Country Road has lots of great contemporary looking frames that you can easily pop the back off – a great and easy way to change out your artwork for cheap. I secured the card to the matt board using washi tape so I can easily remove it and change it later.


The second new picture is a postcard of Daphne that I bought for $4 at Craft Country in Featherston. Daphne is my favourite winter flower but try as I might I can’t find any in Featherston. Again, this is a cheap box frame with the postcard cut down to size.


I added some warmth with this little wooden bunting from Bliss in a Teacup. I’d bought it ages ago but it seemed like the right time to hang it from the bookshelf.


I pilfered cushions from around the house to add to the bed to give it a cosier feel. They are by Tiny Happy (front, left) Seam (back) and Ramari Textiles (front, right).


I added this doily rug beside the bed so my feet will be warmer in the morning. You can buy the same doily mat online from Emma Makes.



One Response to An easy winter makeover

  1. Very pretty Emma, check out my page today – there is a wee post of your card you sent me.

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