Oh hey, I’ve noticed you around…

What have I done for the last couple of weeks while I haven’t been here? Well about three minutes ago I tried to cough my lung onto the laptop.

Before that I’ve been in Christchurch for our work conference. I have a cold and I’m pathetic so you can imagine how well the thought of working the weekend and late nights went down. Luckily for me Tom is wonderful and sent me these flowers so they were waiting in my motel room on arrival. Sometimes at the end of the day I just sat on my bed and looked at them.


I had a good few hours of free time in Christchurch yesterday and spent almost all of it at the Addington Coffee Co-op (below). Warm, sunny, huge, great food, friendly service – it was everything I wanted in a place to hang out. I parked up along the windowsill with a giant book and quite happily read, ate, drank and watched the world go by.


Last weekend I tidied my studio. I can see the table. Who knew there was so much floor space? I unpacked things people had given me and put together my postal stash rehash packages and also a big box that will go to the op-shop. I have answered all sorts of queries about said rehash.

I’ve had to give two quite detailed presentations in the last two weeks and used Prezi to do them. I liked it. It made me feel less depressed about creating presentations than PowerPoint does.


I loved this coat hook. It was at the Addington Raceway. The whole bathroom was 1960s pink and you could listen to the Greyhound races while you were on the toilet.

I won a Kobo e-reader at conference and I’m really looking forward to using it for travelling. I’m keen to see if reading digitally hurts your eyes or whether it’s restful and how it compares to paper.

We can no longer take the train all the way to Wellington because the track from Petone washed away a bit in the big storm last week. I’ve take the bus once – Tom has taken it many times and is hateful. People near us are spending 5.5 hours a day commuting to work at the moment. It’s madness. Fingers cross for a resolution and a return to normal.

I’m really enjoying this song at the moment:


7 Responses to Oh hey, I’ve noticed you around…

  1. Your fingers in the Kobo pic are the same colour as the Addington walls! How fashionable!

    I have a Kobo Glo and am really enjoying it. The filing system isn’t great – or possibly I haven’t figured out how to finagle it properly – but it’s small, light, and easy on my eyes. Being able to make text bigger as I get sleepier is doing terrible things for my sleep patterns, though.

    • tomandemma says:

      I always like to match my fingers to the walls of my surroundings. Someone tweeted an overhead conversation last week of a group of women who said your craft project should always match your outfit. Who knew!

      I’m just getting the Kobo all set up now so will let you know how it goes.

  2. Greta says:

    I just took my kindle on it’s first holiday and it was brilliant! So easy to have lots of books ready to go, and to carry around. That cafe looks great

  3. Ellen says:

    I won’t believe you are reading screen books and then when I see it I won’t believe it anyway. I hate you being sick. I love Tom for making your sick flavoured work in a weekend have sunshine flowers.

  4. styler says:

    I have those hooks in my house
    $3.99 from bunnings, they are amazing and make me very happy

    sadly my walls are not as awesome as those in the picture but still

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